Site Conservation during the Rescue Excavations

Nardi, R. and Scheneider, K.
In: W. Aylward (ed.), Excavations at Zeugma. Los Altos, California: The Packard Humanities Institute, 55-70.

Zeugma has been affected by a major regional hydroelectric project involving the construction of several dams on the Euphrates River in southern east Turkey. During the summer of 2000, the reservoir for the Birecik Dam flooded 30 per cent of the ancient city of Zeugma and the entire ancient city of Apamea on the opposite bank. This chapter reports on the conservation carried out at Zeugma by the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica – Roma (CCA) from June to October 2000, as well as conservation work carried out on finds and maintenance of the archaeological site of Zeugma in a three-year period following the impoundment of the Birecik Dam.