CCA’s operational headquarters are in the province of Rieti, 70 km from Rome, in an old 13th-century Franciscan convent perched atop a hill in the midst of the green Sabine countryside. After years of neglect, the abandoned convent of San Nicola was in ruins. The CCA dedicated its resources and ten years of hard work to restoring the building’s architecture while respecting its original structures and fittings. The idea was to use the space for managing the company, holding training courses and treating movable objects.

The convent has ample office space, classrooms, well-equipped restoration laboratories and a library of specialized texts on conservation and archaeology. An entire wing of the building that once housed the monk’s cells is now a place for guests to stay while participating in the Center’s activities. The rooms (with bath) are simply decorated and provide private space. The convent also has common areas, an old refectory with a large fireplace and a homey kitchen. From the terrace, one can admire the view of surrounding mountains, such as Terminillo, Velino and the Gran Sasso. The silence, immersion in nature and the panorama make the Convent of San Nicola an ideal spot for activities, as well as providing peace and quiet for study.