Treatments performed

Documentation, study, consolidation, cleaning and relaying on new supports of the fragments of painted plaster, marble and stucco.
Convento S. Nicola, Belmonte in Sabina, Rieti, Italy; Alghero, Sassari
Documentation, conservation-restoration, and museum display of the nuragic statues, of Monte ‘e Prama, Cabras, Oristano, Sardinia.
Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici per le Province di Sassari e Nuoro, Li Punti, Sassari
Conservation and restoration of the 6th-century wall mosaics
Sinai, Egypt
Conservation in situ of tempera wall paintings
Radà, Yemen
Conservation treatment of the bronze, and construction of an internal support for display
Archaeological Museum, Gaziantep, Turkey
Conservation-restoration of mosaics and their application on a new support, organization of two laboratories for restoration of mosaics and frescoes, organization of reserves for the museum.
Archaeological Museum of Gaziantep, Turkey
Conservation treatment of the statues and final aesthetic presentation
Capitoline Museums, Rome, Italy
Conservation treatment of objects in bronze, iron, ceramic and stone
Archaeological museum of Gaziantep, Turkey
Planning, management and implementation of emergency work on the site: consolidation in situ, protection and reburial of the excavated areas
Zeugma, Turkey
Packing and protecting the statues of the entire collection housed in the Palazzo Nuovo; treatments to restore, clean, consolidate, protect and wrap 1200 marble pieces
Capitoline Museums, Rome, Italy